Firefox 7. The Best Stable Browser in the World!

All right, so I am writing a blog post after a long time. I didn’t write one because nothing significant has been happening in the browser world except for the change in version numbers everyday (all right, I know I am exaggerating) but there were days when a new version of the browser was released it made huge news. Remember when Firefox 3 and Firefox 4 were released? Remember when IE 8 was released? These days no one seems to care and that’s really sad.

Today I am writing this post because Firefox 7 was released a couple of days back. It looks the same as the previous version? Yes, it does. Indeed. But there are a few changes that sets it apart from Firefox 5 and 6 which should have been more like Firefox 4.1 and 4.2. Firefox 7 is blazing fast and is currently best browser in the world. Want proof? Here you go.

Firefox Logo

What’s New in Firefox 7?

Speed, speed, speed…
Agreed it is not faster than Chrome but it is no less either. It is the best browser around with great graphics rendering and HTML 5 support (if you don’t know what HTML 5 is all about, in short, it is what that will make the web pages of the future look great and it is still in an early stage and not yet widely adopted.)

Memory Management:
I have used Firefox ever since its 2.0 days and ever since I am a surfaholic. I have always loved Firefox and will alway do but there were times when I found Firefox to be sluggish and not friends with the memory on my laptop but Firefox 7 is just amazing. You should try it.

Start Up:
Faster start up time means you can go online faster when you boot up. Firefox 7 is indeed faster if not significant than Firefox 6 when you have a lot of tabs saved and you have the tabs grouped in Panorama.

A Little Update.
For those who have updated to FF7, you would have noticed that your addons are missing. Fear not, they were just hidden away due to a bug than Mozilla grouped under the category ‘rare.’ They have released Firefox 7.0.1 and it is just a small patch. Once you are updated, you will be able to see all the addons.

Download Firefox from and don’t download it from any other website. Sites like show up on the top results and people suspect that it may carry malware. So don’t download it and later complain that Firefox is a virus. Firefox will and always remain free and open source and unlike Chrome or Internet Explorer, Mozilla is a people’s product and YOU are their main priority and they will respect and your PRIVACY.


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