Firefox 6 is Out! What’s New in Firefox 6?

Ever since the release of Firefox 4, Firefox has adopted the rapid release cycle. Seems like it was only yesterday Firefox 5 was released and Firefox 6 is already here, not to forget Firefox 7 in Beta and Firefox 8 is Aurora.


There’s nothing much new in Firefox 6, at least not for the layman. There are a few security updates and stability updates and the speed is more or less the same. However there are two features that are “visible” to the end user. Check them out.

Domain Highlighter:

Although this feature is available on other browsers, this is new to Firefox. See how the domain has been highlighted and other parts of the URL have been grayed out.


Type about:permissions in the awesome bar (or URL bar as you want to call it) This gives you complete control over cookies, location sharing, password saving, etc.

Firefox 6 : About Permissions
Permissions Manager in Firefox 6

If you want a much better Firefox, head to the Firefox website and download the Firefox 7 which is still in beta but download it at your own risk. Firefox 7 is really impressive and I bet you will be impressed at how light (no, it doesn’t hog memory at all!) and fast it is. Try it out if you really want to 🙂


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