Mozilla Firefox Shooting Itself in its Foot?

Here comes Firefox 4(after a long, really long wait) and there goes Firefox 4. Make way for Firefox 5. Wait! There’s Firefox 6 right behind and Firefox 7 is performing so good, it puts the current browsers to shame.

What’s up Mozilla? The sleeping T-Rex in you finally woke up and started running after Chromeboy. Did you just realize Chromeboy won’t take a second place in terms of speed?

Firefox Logo

What’s worse?

Chromeboy wants to be the first software to hit the version 50 and version 100 and that’s giving you nightmares?

Where does it get even worse?
You are trying to follow Chromeboy wherever he goes.

When was the last time anyone even noticed a “visual” change in Google Chrome? Chrome fanboys, this is one question even you will find it hard to answer (well they removed the Chrome logo off the browser just recently, fine, fine.)

Firefox is the darling of millions of users out there and they don’t care how fast Chrome is, given that Firefox is just as fast now. Following Chrome blindly will just lead Mozilla right into a quicksand. Google will hardly be affected even if it kills Chrome, as for Mozilla, Firefox is the stage that it is dancing on!


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