Firefox 4 Released! How to Configure it?

Now that you have downloaded Firefox 4, it is time that you configured it by using a few add-ons and a few tweaks. Before you proceed here are the new features that Firefox 4 has to offer, just in case you don’t know.

Some of the tweaks are old and have been used in Firefox 3.x but chances are high that you might not know it. Check out the following video:

Firefox 4 Compatible Add-ons: (You don’t have to be careful while you install the following add-ons. You can go ahead and install them as they have been downloaded by millions of users!)

I have listed a few add-ons that are common for everyone to have a really great browsing experience.

1) Ad-Block Plus: Blocks all the ads on Google, Facebook, and other top sites giving you a better browsing experience.

2) Better Privacy: Gets rid of all those cookies that track your activities.

3) NoScript: Afraid of harmful scripts harming your computer. Install this and leave the headache to NoScript.

4) Session Manager: If you want to save your tabs and access them later, session manager helps you do that very easily. Give it a shot.

5) Twitter Bar: Tweet right from the awesome bar where you enter your URL.

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One thought on “Firefox 4 Released! How to Configure it?

  1. I do not agree that ff is the best but it could be or becoming the worse-stopped using it after the most recent release and freezing and hangs have stopped-glad to be ff free!

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