The Good, Bad and the Ugly of Internet Explorer 9.

Is Internet Explorer 9 the new Internet Explorer 6? *cringes*

Internet Explorer 9 (I will be referring to it as IE 9 hereafter, in this post) is indeed the winner of the Sun Spider JavaScript and currently one of the fastest browsers on the planet but is it really worth upgrading?

The Good of IE9.

IE 9 is blazing fast and is the best browser out there that offers hardware acceleration. You can pin each tab independently. To do this try dragging a tab to the taskbar and then drop it. This way you don’t have to launch a browser to open the favorite site that you have pinned. For YouTube lovers, you can now drag the video out of the browser window and this is a great feature.

The Bad of IE9.

It runs only on Windows Vista and Windows 7. It is not supported on Windows XP and that is a really bad news as there are millions of Windows XP users out there. But then they can you can go for Firefox 4 (that is supported even in Windows NT) or Chrome or Opera. You can find out which browser suits for you here.

The Ugly of IE9.

With a browser share of more than 60% IE is most popular browser ever. It is because Windows is the most widely used Operating System and IE is shipped with every system. Therefore in the PCs installed post IE 9 release, will be IE9. As a developer you will hate this browser.

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5 thoughts on “The Good, Bad and the Ugly of Internet Explorer 9.

  1. Great post! Honestly, I think IE 9 looks terrible so far. The address bar shift is going to be difficult to get used to for a lot of users. Microsoft has lost all perspective on what ‘the people’ want. I would love to see what happened to IE’s market share if Windows computers stopped shipping with IE. Thanks again for the post.

  2. Firefox is the ugliest browser by far.

    It’s clear that it’s now the 4th best browser….

    1. Opera
    2. Chrome
    3. Internet Explorer
    4. Firefox (Ugliness Award*)

  3. IE is popular only because it ships on most PCs and many people don’t have the technical knowledge or are just not brave enough to upgrade to something better. If you shipped PCs with Opera, then Opera would be a lot more popular.

    I have been with Firefox since v0.93. I will NEVER go back to IE.

  4. I have tried FireFox and Chrome in the past (even IE9), but always come back to IE8. The reason is that everything I do on the internet WORKS (maybe a little slow, but…). I use eBay a lot, and it has little irritants going on with any browser but IE. Also, my bank will not work on anything but IE.

    I am running Win7 64bit and IE8, and all is well with me.

    Just my humble 2¢ worth…

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